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ullstein bild - Passion for Photography

Outstanding moments, unique and emotional images - from the beginnings of photography to the modern times - characterize the collection of ullstein bild.

Our photo collection has been known for its expressive visual language since 1877. ullstein bild is a brand under the roof of Axel Springer Syndication GmbH and one of the most important European agencies for contemporary images.

The cooperation with well-known partners guarantees our professional customers access to current imagery from all over the world. Whether politics, economy, culture, sport or personalities - let yourself be surprised by the variety!

Exceptional expertise in photography

Great photo artists and famous photographers like Yva (Else Neuländer-Simon), Madame d'Ora (Dora Kallmus), Martin Munkácsi or Waldemar Titzenthaler stand for impressive photography, individual expression and sometimes very personal perspectives. Through ullstein bild you can access the works of these outstanding photo artists.

In addition, we work together with outstanding partners worldwide, such as: The Granger Collection (USA), Roger-Viollet (France), TopFoto (Great Britain), Fratelli Alinari (Italy), Iberfoto (Spain), Imagno (Austria), Rex Features (Great Britain), photo12 (France).

The beginnings of press photography - glass plate photos

The world's most comprehensive collection of photographs by the two press photographers Otto Haeckel (1872-1945) and Georg Haeckel (1873-1942) can be found at ullstein bild. The Haeckel brothers are among the most renowned press photographers of their time. Their work uniquely reflects, among other things, the imperial era, the First World War or the Weimar Republic. We have scanned the contact prints of over 10,000 outstanding images on glass plates in an elaborate and high-quality process and made them available to our customers. 

Partner for professional image users

For almost any kind of use you can get licenses for over 9 million photos from us. In addition, we support you at any time with image research - no matter how exceptional - or support you with your exhibition projects.

ullstein bild - passion for photography


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