Collections: 75 years Federal Republic of Germany


75 years of the Federal Republic of Germany - a reason to celebrate! invites you to look back together at the special moments in history. From the signing of the Basic Law to the present. We continuously update this with a focus on the decades and special events. Our extensive photo collection offers you unique collections with a special visual language.

25 Jahre Deutsche Einheit: Then and Now - geteilt vereint (Slidermotive)


Collections:  1948-1949

Currency reform, Berlin Blockade, Parliamentary Council, Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Foundation of the GDR

Collections: 1950s Federal Republic of Germany

Meeting of the High Commissioners, French ambassador to the FRG, reparations to Israel, soccer world champion 1954, accession to NATO 1955, German late returnees, founding of the Bundeswehr, Economic miracle, Treaties of Rome

Collections: 1960s Federal Republic of Germany

First Auschwitz trial 1963-1965, thalidomide scandal, Ludwig Erhard as Federal Chancellor, Kurt Georg Kiesinger becomes Federal Chancellor, guest workers in Germany

Collections: Building the Wall from 1961

From construction of the Wall to the 1980s - Collections Mauerbau Anniversaries


Collections: 1968s Federal Republic of Germany 

Children and school enrollment, student movement, sit-ins, political events, protagonists of the 1968 movement, Emergency laws, German armed forces, Commune I, subculture, leisure, family, sports, fashion

Collections: 1970s Federal Republic of Germany 

Formation of the RAF, Willy Brandt kneeling in Warsaw, Nobel Peace Prize, European Football Championships, Cultural events

Collections: 1980s Federal Republic of Germany 

Founding of the Green Party, Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl, peace movement, protests by anti-nuclear activists, opening of the Berlin Wall and fall of the Wall


Collections: 1990s Federal Republic of Germany

German Union Certification - Treaty of Final Settlement Germany - Monetary Union Germany - First all-German federal election - Berlin becomes the capital


Collections: 2000-2020s Federal Republic of Germany 

Euro Launch - First German Chancellor Angela Merkel - 2006 World Cup in Germany - Agenda 2010 - Frank-Walter Steinemeier becomes Federal President - End of coal mining in the Ruhr region - Thomas Cook goes bankrupt